The Process (Part 1): Locations!

In this series of articles, I’d like to start introducing you to our recording process so that if you’re ever considering us as an option to record a project, you’ll have a heads up on how it might work. For the following article, I will be referring to several projects of different sizes, in order to provide a sense of scale.

Location, Location, etc.

Vintage Agnt: Self-producing 'Volume Two'

Currently, Oh, Silence Records operates as a kind of mobile-studio. We organise a time and place and then load our cars with microphones, interfaces, monitors, laptops and effects pedals. We get take-away coffee and we drive out to a suitable location, generally chosen by the artist. We take our sweet time setting up the gear, and then we proceed to get the job done as quickly as possible (this is where it helps if you are well rehearsed!)

The whole idea to record bands cheaply and effectively came about during the tracking process for our own EPs in the noisy, post-genre, emo-grunge, psychedelic fantasy band; I Am The Agent. We found experimenting with our own music to be a highly rewarding and entertaining activity, and since we already had the gear, we figured we’d spread the love!

Carlin Dally (Hopes), getting rad at Brinkworth (photo by Elise Jarvis)

When we recorded the Hopes demo/EP earlier this year, I drove to their house, set up in their living room and spent the day/night tracking. It was a genuinely good time – even though the EPs still aren’t completely mixed (sorry bros). For Cut Like Diamonds, we drove to the Central Coast, set up in a music rehearsal space, and we spent a weekend jamming on the songs and tracking in chunks as we went (this was my debut as a session drummer, by the way. Good times).

Bedroom studio (photo by Tim Jones)

For the Bats and Battleships album (our biggest project to date) we have spent several weekends driving to their practice space in their singer Fitzy’s garage, aptly named ‘The Batcave’ – following a tight schedule for the entirety of the tracking process. Parts of the album have also been tracked in my own bedroom (see picture on the left) but that was back when I still hadn’t purchased any furnishings (such as a bed), so there was still plenty of space.


In future we would like to afford ourselves a single location that bands can visit in order to save on our own travel costs, provide a secure and robust environment to work in, and provide a greater level of consistency to our work habits – but for now we are comfortable working within the limitations of our current work environment/s.